Jan 162016

Also here is ”Distances to the Planets” also by His Grace Mayesa dasa Part One to Part Thirteen Sun Calculating the sun is done with the help of the number referred to in 5th Canto as the second axle. That number is 31,500,000 Vayu Purana tells us diameter of sun is 252,000,000 Diameter is twice […more]

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Jan 132016

… what is the difference between Mahat-tattva, Pradhana and Prakriti? …   These are theree different stages of the development of material creation.   When material energy is non manifested and and non differentiated is called Pradhana. When is manifested but non differentiated is called Prakriti. When is manifested and differentiated is calles Maha-tattva.   […more]

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Dec 232015
The Distances and Sizes of the Planets

The Distances and Sizes of the Planets By Sadaputa dasa Previously we derived relative distances between the planets from the orbital data contained in the Sürya-siddhänta. These distances are expressed in units of the earth-sun distance, or AU.  In this section we will consider absolute distances measured in miles or yojanas and point out an […more]

Dec 142015

Early discussion with devotees are trying to understand the difference between Bhu-mandala and this small earth globe, devotees did not know a lot back then as this discussion reveals June 28, 1977, Vrndavana Puskara: Srila Prabhupada, previously we painted in the art department… It’s described that Varaha lifted the earth, and the earth was a globe, […more]

Jul 152015

Canto 1: Creation Chapter 3: Kṛṣṇa Is the Source of All Incarnations     SB 1.3.5   etan nānāvatārāṇāḿ nidhānaḿ bījam avyayam yasyāḿśāḿśena sṛjyante deva-tiryań-narādayaḥ     This form [the second manifestation of the puruṣa] is the source and indestructible seed of multifarious incarnations within the universe. From the particles and portions of this form, […more]

Jul 152015

Canto 1: Creation Chapter 3: Kṛṣṇa Is the Source of All Incarnations     SB 1.3.3   yasyāvayava-saḿsthānaiḥ kalpito loka-vistaraḥ tad vai bhagavato rūpaḿ viśuddhaḿ sattvam ūrjitam     It is believed that all the universal planetary systems are situated on the extensive body of the puruṣa, but He has nothing to do with the […more]