Jan 222016

By Radhanath Swami  The Appearance of Lord Vamana “Bali Maharaj, very intelligent personality. He was the son of Virochana, grandson of Prahlad, great grandson of Hiranyakashipu, great grand-nephew of Hiranyaksha. A very mixed up type of family heritage!” So he performed yajna to please his guru Shukracharya, and his guru-maharaj was very pleased with him. […more]

Jan 222016

  Sri Vakreshwar Pandit   Sri Vakreshwar Pandit was present with Sriman Mahaprabhu during His pastimes in Navadwipa and after his acceptance of Sannyasa he also accompanied Him to Jagannath Puri. During the time of the Lord’s residence in Puri he continued to live with Him there as well. Sri Vakreshwar Pandit took birth in […more]

Jan 182016
Mira Bai

Meera Bai, also spelled Mira Bai (c. 1498–c. 1547) was a Hindu mystic poet and devotee of Krishna. She was one of the most significant Sants (“true” or “saints”) of the Vaishnava bhakti movement. Some 1,300 pads (poems) commonly known as bhajans (sacred songs) are attributed to her. These are popular throughout India and have been translated and published worldwide. In the bhakti tradition, they are in passionate praise of Lord […more]

Jan 172016

Sri Jayatiirtha is one of stalwarts of Tattvavaada, and is a very senior scholar of the Madhva heirarchy, being next only to Srimad Ananda Tirtha, Sri Vadiraja Tirtha, and Sri Padmanabha Tirtha. He is responsible for several commentaries upon Srimad Ananda Tirtha’s works, which are all written in a remarkable style that is unfailingly precise, […more]

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Jan 142016

BIRTH OF HANUMAN     Hanuman is originally the son of Vayu, the air god. And he is also an expansion of Lord Siva. All the demigods were helping Lord Ramacandra in his battle. Lord Siva was thinking, “I must also help him.” So long before Lord Ramacandra incarnated, Lord Siva had a pastime. Once […more]

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Jan 142016
Ganesa: Remover of Obstacles

by Satyaraja Dasa THE JOYOUS ELEPHANT-FACED DEITY known as Ganesha is revered by one billion Hindus worldwide, and though his worship has little place in the modern-day Hare Krsna movement, his personality and pastimes are part of ISKCON’s heritage. Ganesa is often seen as the creator and remover of obstacles, as the guardian at entrances, […more]

Jan 102016

Samjna, the wife of Vivasvan, the sun-god, gave birth to the Manu named Sraddhadeva, and the same fortunate wife also gave birth to the twins Yamaraja and the River Yamuna. Yamaraja is one of the mahajanas, the twelve persons authorized to properly maintain the human civilization, including Brahma, Narada, Lord Siva and Kumara, Manu and […more]

Jan 092016

  INDRADYUMNA I. A King born in the dynasty of Svayambhuva Manu, and a king of the Pandya country.   1) Genealogy. Descended from Visnu in this order :VisUu – Brahma – Svayambhuva Mann – Priyavrata – Agnidhra – Nabhi – Rsabha – Bharata -Sumati – Indradyumna.   2) Indradyumna turned into elephant. Indradyumna, a […more]

Jan 062016

  La data della nascita di Baladeva Vidyabhushana (anche chiamato Sri Govinda dasa) non è sicura: dovrebbe essere verso la seconda parte del 1600. Infatti si sa per certo che nel 1706 Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura lo mandò a Gulta (vicino Jaipur, in Rajasthan) per rappresentare e migliorare la credibilità del Movimento di Sri Caitanya. I […more]

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