Jan 172016

http://centers.iskcondesiretree.com/tokyo-devadeva-cafe/ A Argentina – Buenos Aires-Jagannath Prasadam Argentina – Buenos Aires-Restaurante Tulasi Australia – Adelaide Australia – Brisbane-Govinda’s Australia – Brisbane-Krishna’s Cafe Australia – Burleigh Heads Australia – Cairns Australia – Darwin Australia – Maroochydore Australia – Melbourne Australia – Melbourne Australia – Newcastle Australia – Perth Australia – Sydney B Belgium – Amerikalei Belgium […more]

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Jan 172016

brani…. Quando vi entra lo riempie di meta’ di acqua, creando l’Oceano di Garbhodaka, che occupa la meta’ dello spazio destinato alla creazione. ( capitolo 6 ) La bhakti, l’amore spirituale, e’ il principio fondamentale su cui si fonda tutto cio’ che esiste. ( capitolo 3 )

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Jan 152016
January 15, 2016: Ganga Sagara Mela

Ganga Sagara Mela a festival observed especially at the confluence of the Ganges and the Bay of Bangal. Kapilasrama, the asrama of Lord Krsna’s incarnation as Kapiladeva, the son of Devahuti, is located at this place. The festival Commemorates King Bhagirathi’s bringing the River Ganges down from the celestial planets to the ocean and the […more]

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Jan 152016
Divya Jnan Bengali language TV show

Divya Jnan Bengali language TV show. This is our new TV program “Divya Jnan” The poster says: Daily at 6.30 am on Ruposhi Bangla TV Channel. Starting from 10th January 2016. Each episode is for 30 minutes daily starting from 1) Four minutes of Srila Prabhupada’s video with Srila Prabhupada kirtans in the background. 2) […more]

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Jan 152016
If you only live once

By Kesava Krsna Dasa Many people in the world think they live only once. With only one life, how does this affect lives and society? How is a one-life concept going to affects ambitions, goals and outlook? There is one-life spirituality and multi-birth spirituality – which of these enable a full understanding of the soul, […more]

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Jan 152016
When going gets tough then tough gets going

Papayyapalem is one of the oldest villages in Chirala region and our 46th village in a row. It was located at a mere distance of 2 kms from the Bay of Bengal. It is said that in bygone ages it was a part of big prospersous city and there are rumors that in many parts of […more]

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Jan 152016
My Bhakti Chai

When I saw Bhakti Chai (as in ‘i’) listed on the vegan menu, I knew immediately what it was – both because of living in India for so many years and also being a practitioner of Bhakti Yoga. Chai is the Hindi word for tea, and bhakti means divine love, or more specifically the love […more]

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Jan 152016
In search of Ravana

Ravana wasn’t all bad. He, by all accounts, was educated, ran a good kingdom, worshiped the demigods and was good looking. In other words, he wasn’t your typical demon – horribly ugly, angry, with horns coming out the side of his head. He was just a big materialist who got in over his head. And […more]

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Jan 152016
Paniccia con tartare di verdure

Difficoltà: Media Tempo: 50 minuti Ingredienti per 8 persone 450 g di acqua 160 g di farina di ceci un cucchiaino di sale un kg di patate 3 zucchine una grossa melanzana un peperone giallo un peperone rosso 4 pomodori basilico olio d’oliva Preparazione Preriscaldare il forno a 200 gradi. Portare a ebollizione l’acqua, aggiungervi […more]

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Jan 142016

Noodles rice balls 1 cup – Boiled veggies (carrot, peas, French beans, sweet corn) 1 cup – Boiled noodles 2 – Boiled Potatoes 1/2 cup – Cooked Rice 2 tbsp – Corn flour 1 tsp – Chopped Green chillies 1 tsp ginger paste 1/2 tsp hing 1/2 cup – Breadcrumbs (optional). Combine all the ingredients […more]

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