Jul 092016

Suka & Sari   Version: 1.0 May 19, 2013 Jay Sri Guru Dev! Jaya Sri Radhe Krishna!   From: Gokul Bhajan & Vedic Studies Hare Krishna!   About 500 years ago, once when Lord Caitanya was wandering in Vrindavana forests, he was immersed in the overflowing prema to Krishna. When the cows noticed, they licked […more]

Jun 222016
Vraja Vilasa: Shridama Sakha

Vraja Vilasa: Shridama Sakha I always take shelter of the feet of Hari’s best friend Shridama, who is the greatest object of Krishna’s love, who is the most expert of his friends, who is of blackish complexion, who is very proud of having the same qualities, age, dress and beauty as Sri Krishna and who […more]

Jun 202016
Vraja Vilasa: Krishna’s priya-narma-sakha Subal

Vraja Vilasa: Krishna’s priya-narma-sakha Subal I offer my obeisances unto Subala, the embodiment of overwhelming love, who loves Krishna, the moon of Gokula, so much that even in dreams he won’t let go of his hand, afraid he will be separated from him, and whose heart is showered by the stream of Sri Radhika’s love. […more]

Jun 122016

  Her father Sriyuta Naresh Narayana was the king of Puntiya, which was located in the district of Rajshahi, part of the present country of Bangladesh.   Saci’s young age His only daughter was named Saci, and she was very devoted to God from her very childhood. In a very short time she became quite […more]

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Jun 112016

Śrī Śrī Rādhikāṣṭakam (Śrīla Raghunātha dāsa Gosvāmī) – Verse 7 VERSE 7: prakaṭita nija vāsaṁ snigdha veṇu praṇādair drutagati harim ārāt prāpya kuñje smitākṣī śravaṇa kuhara kaṇḍūṁ tanvatī namra vaktrā snapayati nija dāsye rādhikā māṁ kadā nu When will Śrī Rādhikā, who quickly runs to the place where Śrī Hari indicates His whereabouts by playing His […more]

Jun 032016

CHAPTER 7 “Description of Radhakunda”     After going some distance, Han took a turn off the main road and came to Radhakunda, eager to see His dearly beloved. (1)   Radhakunda is beautifully surrounded by jeweled steps and jewelled bathing places. On these bathing places are jeweled platforms, with a jeweled dais on each […more]

Jun 022016

  There are many friends of Krishna, there are some who by nature are fixed in Krishna‘s service and are always engaged in giving counsel. Some of them are very fond of joking and naturally cause Krishna to smile by their words; some of them are by nature very simple, and by their simplicity they […more]